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Cliff Burke Kirkus Star

Kirkus, STARRED Review

An Occasionally Happy Family

"Deftly capturing the childhood torture of family road trips, Burke nails the hilarious dialogue between Theo; his 16-year-old sister, Laura; and their science teacher dad...Each short chapter provides a glimpse of the humor and pain caused by the lack of communication and unaddressed grief that burdens each family member...With memorable characters and voices, realistic emotions, and an extra helping of humor, this title rocks...A masterful look at loss and mourning wrapped up in a hilariously painful family vacation."

Cliff Burke Junior Library Guild
Cliff Burke Spirit of Texas
2021 Vermont Golden Dome Book Award for

2025 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award Nominee

 My Not-So-Great French Escape

Cliff Burke School Library Journal

School Library Journal

An Occasionally Happy Family


"This is a good, realistic, and funny book about a family in transition...Sure to be a popular title, especially with fans of humor, road trip adventures, and James Patterson’s books."

Publishers Weekly

My Not-So-Great French Escape


"Detailing French cultural details with aplomb, the protagonist's observant first-person narration captures the lingering emotional effects of turbulent relationships, the feelings of remaining 'outside of the inner circle,' and his gradual acceptance of his own fate."

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